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Service and Repairs

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Winter is approaching. Here in Ontario that can mean trouble for acoustic instruments as the air gets dryer. To keep your instrument in top condition, its a wise practice to bring it in once or twice a year for service. This is a great time of year to take action. Just this week I had a student come for his lesson with a guitar that needed several adjustments but he had no idea anything was wrong. That’s why its important to bring it to a repair shop regularly so they can have a look. A professional will check the neck straightness, action height, intonation, and overall condition of the fingerboard as these can all be affected by the swelling or shrinking of the wood when humidity levels change. This will go a long way to ensuring you’re getting the most out of your instrument and that its always fun to play.


At Brickhouse Guitars, an important part of our business is servicing instruments and making sure they’re working at their full potential.  A full set-up includes restringing, tightening the hardware, dressing the frets, conditioning the fingerboard, adjusting the truss-rod, setting the intonation, calibrating the nut, and cleaning.


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Remember to keep your acoustic instruments in a humidity controlled room when possible, set between 40 to 50%. The next best solution is to keep your instrument in its case with a humidifier. We offer several products here at the store which will help with that.


There’s no sense dealing with unnecessary issues that regular care and maintenance can easily fix. Bring in your guitar, bass or mandolin and we’ll take a look free of charge.


We look forward to meeting you and servicing your instrument.

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