Welcome to Brickhouse Guitars.  We are an acoustic guitar shop located in Kitchener Ontario Canada offering an extensive selection of quality instruments and accessories.  We stock the largest inventory of Furch & Stonebridge Guitars in North America.  Other featured guitar brands include Norman, La Patrie, Godin, Breedlove, and Washburn.  In addition we often have used instruments for sale from brands such as Taylor, Martin, Yamaha & more.

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What’s New?
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As we head into the New Year, some of you may be wondering what new and exciting things are happening here at Brickhouse Guitars.  One of the cool things about our store is the... Read More

Parlours for Vintage Taste
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Once upon a time, in the mid to late 19th-century, all guitars were built smaller.  In fact, so small that our smallest full-scale model that we offer at Brickhouse would still be larger... Read More